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Originally Posted by MEBuckner View Post
From a couple of weeks ago, Woman dead and three injured in home invasion in Yuma, AZ. Four people (two men and two women) forced their way into a home after midnight; the homeowner opened fire, killing one of the attackers and injuring the other three.
Here's another one from Houston this past weekend.

This time, there were apparently five home invaders wearing ski masks, and they broke in at about 1.00 in the morning. The homeowner shot all five, killing three, and wounding two. That's some pretty impressive defensive work there!

From the story:
Police found one of the intruders dead in front of the home, located on Sherman Street near 71st Street in Houston. Three others reportedly took off in an SUV and a fourth wounded man ran away on foot.

Authorities said the SUV crashed into a pole on nearby Harrisburg Boulevard. A man was found dead inside the vehicle and another person in the SUV fled, collapsed down the street on Capitol Street and died.

The two men who were injured were found and taken to a hospital, police said. The homeowner was not injured during the shootout.

I'll be interested to follow this story and see what the deal is. I don't know Houston at all, but the news images don't make it look like an especially big house or a particularly prosperous neighborhood. It doesn't seem like the sort of place that thieves would target for robbery or ransom money.