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Originally posted by KGS
I don't watch a lot of old TV, but I do like watching the old game shows on Game Show Network. Match Game in particular -- I don't know what's funnier, the outlandish 70's clothes or the porno theme music.

There was one question that literally made my jaw drop: "Max thinks his wife is a rug. Every night, he takes here out and _____'s her." The contestant's answer was "beat." Not only did this get a HUGE laugh from the crowd, but he matched 4 out of 6 panelists, who all made jokes about it! Man, that would NEVER fly today!!

Also on GSN, I saw an episode of the Dating Game with 3 pre-teen "bachelorettes" and a young Celebrity Bachelor, Danny Bonaduce (from the "Partridge Family" era.) Oh how cute, I thought -- until Danny started asking questions like, "If we were alone in your parents house and I wanted to make out, would you stop me?"
I am pretty sure that was considered kind of weird even then.