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With the same tire, rim make and model, and spoke count, a 26in wheel will be stronger and lighter than the equivalent 29er/700c wheel.

Shorter spokes makes a stronger wheel and the smaller circumference and radius means less weight and less rotational mass so it is faster accelerating.

A 29er/700c wheel has all the weight further away from the hub, so it has both greater rotational mass and weight. It is harder to accelerate but easier to maintain speed. It also has a higher top speed, but how often are you out spinning the big chainring and small cog combo?

26inch wheels seem to be going away and it is too bad. I don't see any benefits to 29er/700c wheels as an urban commuter cyclists. I stocked up on 26inch disc wheelsets and put them on my 700c cyclocross commuter bikes.

Wheel strength and accelerating when commuting is a much greater priority than top speed.

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