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Originally Posted by FordTaurusSHO94 View Post
I just bought a 29er hardtail this week. I'm on the injured list at the moment, so I've only adjusted it and dialed the fork in a bit. When I'm able, I plan to ride it and my 26" HT on the same loop to see if there's much difference. I'm keeping the 26er as a backup or loaner for when a friend wants to try out mountain biking.
I did the same thing and truthfully I like them both about the same. I do like the fact that the 29er has disc brakes, but since I've converted them both to tubeless (first the 29er, then the 26") I really don't favor one over the other. I like them both. And since I was down to only four bikes before the 29er (from an all time high of seven) it's not like the extra bike is a luxury, it's more of a need.