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Originally Posted by Provincial Hoi Polloi View Post
So there should be no nation states, such as the USA, and instead a single World Government? I thought such Utopian ideas went out in the 1950s.

Every person could be their own sovereign, but it should be obvious that there are advantages in pooling sovereignty. The only question is to what degree we share it, and experience seems to suggest that something about the size of what we call countries is the optimal degree. Essex might work, to take you example, but what's the point when it is part of a larger region that is also a viable nation?
I think the thing that differentiates Essex from Wales or Scotland is that the nation (the UK) works much better for some regions than others. Essex, with its proximity to London, is not nearly as badly served as the more peripheral regions. When a region with a historic identity (ethnic, linguistic, political, whatever) notices (or at least perceives) that they are consistently screwed by the central state, a separatist movement is spawned.

The difference with Brexit is that the perception is not justified by the facts, while Scotland's grievance has more justification. I don't know enough about it to judge whether I agree with Scottish independence; I do know that Wales is really badly managed by England, and that the baby steps to devolution have helped a little but not in areas where it counts. Both Scotland and Wales seem to be thinking of "independence" as "another small nation within the EU" rather than "go it alone" the way the Brexiteers are talking.