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Originally Posted by Quimby View Post
It was as much about the current state of Star Wars as it was about the Force Awakens. I didn't agree with everything but he made some interesting points. For example, the lack of Romance in TFA was one of those things that I noticed without being able to put my finger on what was wrong until he pointed it out.

I also agree with his dread about the future where there is a Star Wars movie every year forever.
I think lack of romance would have been ok if they had decided not to have any at all. But Finn's "cute boyfriend" and Han's "a woman always learns the truth" comments felt like they were trying to force romance where there was no chemistry.

I also agree about there being a bit too much comedy and slapstickery. Finn felt a bit goofy for a former Stormtrooper. Poe's lines also felt cheesy.