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Ucipital Mapilary is a fictional term for supraternal notch ( fossa jugularis sternalis) coined by Samson Raphaelson for the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'Suspicion'.

Coined so that Cary Grant's character could poke that sensual part Joan Fontaine's character's neck... Being a very intelligent woman he had to fool her by making up a word so he could touch her beautiful jugular notch and keep her from buttoning up her shirt is my guess.

Mel Brooks's movie 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It' quotes Ucipital Mapilary when Leslie Nielsen's character (Dracula) can't stop staring at Lysette Anthony's character Lucy's neck.

Though I thought he was making up a reason to stare at her cleavage...

" Count Dracula?"

Count Dracula
" I'm sorry my dear but you have such a lovely Ucipital Mapilary."

"What's that?"

Count Dracula

--- Count Dracula pokes her jugular notch ---

*Note: The term Lacus Lacrimalis is a reference for were tears pool in the eye not the neck. Cravat is a neck covering not a name for a neck - the word comes from to quote Wikipedia a corrupt French word for "Hr̀vāt" Croatian for Croat (Croatian for someone who is Croatian).