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In 1989 I read an article about the collapse of the Cypress Structure (a freeway in the Oakland area) during the Loma Prieta earthquake. It was one of those in-depth pieces that really tried to get into the heads of the first responders. Part of it mentioned how some of the rescue personnel went down into the space between the upper and lower levels (the upper dropped down onto the lower, held up only by the cars) and saw a brain lying on the ground near one of the cars.

For whatever reason, I just can't get that image out of my head, even after all this time. Some poor person was just trying to commute home, and ended up having their brain popped out of their skull and tossed onto the road.

It's bugging me just thinking about it now. And that's weird, because normally I'm pretty immune to being affected by stuff like that. Maybe it was because it wasn't too far from where I live (I'm in San Jose, and only a few years after that, my commute involved a route that would have taken me over that same structure if it still existed).