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Originally Posted by TriPolar View Post
The ritual scene in A Man Called Horse where the man is suspended by a eagle claws stuck into his chest. I was only 13, it seemed horrific.
The teachers showed us that movie in middle school.
Originally Posted by Baker View Post
Against my better judgement I clicked on a link in a thread here on the Dope, quite some time ago.

The story was about a young South American woman who was part of a campaign against drunk driving, allowing her image to be used.

There was the "before" picture of a gorgeous girl in a bikini, on the beach.

Then there was the link with the picture of her after her car had been struck by a drunk driver, and she'd been burned over her entire body. I will not describe what she looked like afterwards, I just remember pushing myself away from the keyboard in shock.

She was brave enough to let her picture be used, to try and get the point across about the dangers of DUI.
Poor, poor Jacqueline Saburido. She's been like that since 1999. She was 20 or so when it happened. I think about her all the time. Her friends in the front seats were killed. The drunk driver did eight years in jail.
Originally Posted by madsircool View Post
Salo:120 Days of Sodom
I was ready to be shocked and horrified, but I was just bored. I understand what Pasolini was trying to do, and the reasons behind all the awful things happening, but it just provoked little reaction in me.

Originally Posted by marshmallow View Post
Entertainment wise, Antichrist was a surprise. I heard it was fucked up, but for the most part it was a low key horror drama. There's a scene where the dude's crazy girlfriend is jerking him off, then she hits him in the balls with a giant piece of wood, keeps going, and he ejaculates blood. That made me grit my teeth in empathy pain, but not too bad. Then later on the crazy woman grabbed scissors and gave herself a clitoridecotmy. Snip, snip. Did I mention this film showed full nudity with no cut aways? I guess if you're into knife play it could be pretty hot, but no. Thanks a lot, Lars von Trier.
I did flinch at that. I thought it was a powerful film, all things considered.
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The movie Trainspotting. I thought I would be okay--Fight Club doesn't bother me at all--but no. It's the one media experience of my life that I wish I hadn't had.
I love Trainspotting! I've seen it multiple times, and watched clips from it many more times.
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The movie Se7en by David Fincher. I am not interested in being....manipulated...the way that director is seeking to manipulate me. I left the theater thinking, "hey, Fincher - yeah, Fuck You, too. Thanks a lot "
Same for Se7en!

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