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I'm going to throw in a work clean-up, too.

My company bought a store-front. By they I mean they purchased a defunct shoe-repair business as-is. It had been unused for several years and when they first entered it everything was covered by 3-4 inches of dust and dirt. (ew)

Cleaning and organizing the mess while simultaneously running a business in the space has been and interesting challenge.

(With boss permission) I spent an entire afternoon working on some of the lingering mess. 2 garbage bags of trash later we have 8 now-empty drawers to store stuff in, I found a half a gross of a sewing machine needles so we don't need to order them after all, various other supplies we've been needing that we no longer need to order, and several usable tools. More space, less trash, and we can spend our limited money for work supplies on something other than the items I found.

Also figured out why the blue singer treadle sewing machine isn't working, but fixing that will have to wait until next week at the earliest.