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Originally Posted by perfectparanoia View Post
I am so sorry. We had lice last week. While lice are easier to get rid of, it took days to wash all the soft things in my kids' rooms.

(Good news is that it's all clean now.)
Blech!! We had that, about 6 years ago now. Moon Unit brought home more than memories from summer camp. It was a few weeks before we realized why her head was so itchy.

If soft stuff can't readily be washed, bag it up for a couple of weeks. Also be vigilant in head-checks for a few weeks - anything that survived the initial treatment might have survived (or missed nits might hatch). We did an oil comb-through every 48 hours for 2 weeks: soaked the hair / scalp in olive oil or almond oil, and then a careful going-over with a steel nit comb. I definitely found adults that had survived the initial Nix treatment, within 48 hours, and a few days after that found several adolescent (well, smaller) critters that had presumably just hatched.

Buying stuff to hold crap: oh yeah. Depending on what it is, it can either enable you to have excess stuff that looks marginally more organized, or can make what you have easier to find / use when you need it. I had all my spice jars in bins - which was fine except they were never where I thought they were, I'd miss them even so (e.g. oregano is in bin 2 vs bin 4). I finally spent a fair bit of cash on some Elfa spice rack stuff that attaches to the back of my pantry doors (all that cubic was going completely to waste, the pantry shelves were only half depth).... and now everything is ALPHABETIZED and EASY TO FIND. Yay.

I've gone through 4 out of 11 photo boxes. With tossing out the double prints, and compacting all the negatives to one box, and tossing the really bad exposures, blurry photos, etc., the 4 boxes are down to 1.5. I won't have time to do much else with them for a few more days, but hopefully in a week or so I can get 'em shipped off to my friend. The boxes were incredibly dusty and there were cobwebs. I so look forward to being able to muck out everything from those shelves.