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Originally Posted by Lsura View Post
I know, I know, I may be the only one posting in this thread lately, but since I'm proud of yesterday's work, here it is.
That is definitely worth being proud of!

Hang in there, Broomstick! Set teeny, tiny goals. 5 minutes a day. Something. Anything. You will get there!

I am proud to report that the house is still clean, and has been clean for about two months running. Nothing left out on tables or the floor. Bed is made every day (last one up gets assigned that task.) I'm getting in the habit of taking care of something immediately after I'm done using it, even putting my dirty gym clothes in the hamper when I come home from the fitness center, rather than leaving them in my bag. I've continued to work on having a ''home'' for everything. There are still some drawers that could stand to be organized, but nothing screams out at me.

Right now my biggest organizational challenge is getting situated at my new job. I just inherited a mess of files and have to figure out how to keep everything organized. One thing I am trying is using colored index cards where I write all notes related to a task on a single card. That seems to be working well for work on individual grants. I bought some new office stuff including a business card file, which is exciting because I've never had business cards before.