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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Well, another set-back - during the most recent rainstorm monsoon we had another Epic Ceiling Leak which resulted in emergency deployment of buckets and mops (and admittedly some sobbing on my part - thank Og we had a plastic drop cloth otherwise I would have lost at least half my book collection). Stuff got hurriedly re-arranged and shoved into corners and there is now a heap o' messy rags piled up/hung up until I can get to the laundry mat.
This is NOT the way to Clean Up Your House.
Yay on the recycling, boo on the leak . So true about not the way to do it!!

We mucked out the unfinished storage room in our basement last October, the day after Hurricane Sandy: we lost power, the sump pump of course did not work, and we had 3-4 inches of water. Most of it was on shelves, some stuff was on the floor in bins, but some other stuff was on the floor in boxes etc. and therefore got wet. Much of that got tossed, some was able to be laid out and let dry. We also threw away all the outdated emergency supplies we had down there. And we put another set of shelves to get everything else up off the floor.

We hosted 3 high students from Spain and Italy this summer so had to muck out and organize the habitable part of the basement. It's still not great but the carpeted area is at least usable.

Beyond that, we're badly stalled. Maybe this December when I'm burning up my use-or-lose vacation time I can make some progress.