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Originally Posted by Seanette View Post
Thanks. I signed up for this, and sent the link along to a Yahoo group I moderate for those with full-time jobs (or students) who need to shovel out.
I can't be the only one who'd like to know more about this group...

After several weeks of malaise I made some progress earlier this week. I have a full time job, but don't start 'til 10:00am. If I'm responsible about sleep I can get a lot done before I go to work. I'm 10x more productive for an extra hour in the morning than I am if I stay up an hour late.

I have given myself a goal to have the house genuinely clean enough to have guests when we welcome 2014. By that I mean, no closets or drawers full of the stuff I swept off surfaces because someone's coming over. One box or drawer/day between now and New Year's Eve should keep me on track.