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My mother is here staying with me for a few days and my level of clutter is humiliating. She adores me and would never give me a bad time about it - even though she's a terrific housekeeper herself and was unable to pass this on to me - but it's still SO embarrassing.

Today I played hookie from work and stayed home with her. We went shopping and - when we got home, I:

Moved my bed completely away from the wall.
Dusted the ceiling, walls and baseboards.
Vacuumed thoroughly.
Cleaned the bed frame.
Brushed the boxspring and mattress - it wasn't filthy, but it probably needed it.
Stored underneath and on top of the canopy ONLY what needed to go there - did a lot of weeding out.
Moved the bed back into place, opened the windows, turned on fans and have the whole bedchamber getting a fresh air infusion. Again - there's no actual filth or odor in the room, it just seemed like a great idea.

Now I'm laundering my bedding.

I think I feel better...

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