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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
4) I see Starving Artist is picking fights with imaginary liberals again. So sad.
Sounds to me like you're ignorant of liberal efforts to make gathering evidence as difficult as possible and to lessen prison sentences and lobby for early parole. I've seen some of the board's liberals speak proudly of their successes in these areas on this very board.

And of course we have the examples of Great Britton, where crimes we consider heinous routinely draw minimal prison terms and early release (barring politically incorrect crimes, that is, for which harsh sentencing predictably has become the norm), and of countries like Sweden and Norway, where being sentenced to prison is like living in a nice hotel or on a college campus.

If you're a victim, conservatives are your friend. If you're a criminal, liberals are your friend.

What's sad is that you're ignorant of this propensity on the part of your ideological brethren.