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Originally Posted by Esox Lucius View Post
I brought it up because it was an outright lie that falsely portrayed a gun owner as a heroic figure of sorts. I agree it had nothing to do with the meat of the story, but the writer used it to glorify him. It was pure propaganda that Bone accepted at face value, and defended, just because it involved a gun owner.
Except for the fact that you are wrong about the characterization, spot on! You admitted this when you incorrectly characterized the person in the story as a "disaster relief worker" in post #25:
Originally Posted by Esox Lucius View Post
The only reason to call him a disaster relief worker--pardon me, that he was doing disaster relief work-
You are the one who repeatedly mistakenly called him a "disaster relief worker". Keep clinging to the idea that involving FEMA, the Office of Emergency Management, and the State Police (as I mentioned n post #35) constitutes no actual disaster!