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Bonney Lake PD investigating after homeowner shoots intruder
Detectives wrapped up their investigation at the scene and are going through evidence at police headquarters. It is evidence of what appears to be an armed intruder showing up at a doorstep.

"The homeowner who was the reporting party on this called to say to stop the intruder from coming inside the house, he pointed the gun and ended up firing 1 to 2 shots at the individual," said Officer Todd Green with the Bonney Lake Police Department.

Police said the homeowner, who is in his 50s, is acquainted with the suspected intruder, who is in his late 20s early 30s. The homeowner said the intruder first knocked on the door and spoke to his wife. When she saw the gun she went to get her husband, who armed himself. When he got to the door, that's when the shots were fired hitting the suspect in the legs.

"If somebody arrived at his front porch and had a gun and pointed it at the home owner then, yes, you're allowed to protect yourself at that point," Green said.
I wonder if he was aiming low on purpose.