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Trying some things different to help keep the birds safe from cats and me from having to move the camera all thew time. Will be able to tell more with tomorrow's pictures.
Took Zeus on a long walk, well, he walked a lot & I watched and he is a pooped puppy tonight. It did not keep him from being stubborn at one place we stopped. Met a Lab that was almost as big as he is. When it was timne to go, he was not hep on the idea so I kept being patient, pleasant, consistent and finally caught him facing the right way, crowded him from behind and in he went. I am bigger & more stubborn than he is and I told him so. Bawahahaha

Picasa is not letting me 'hot link' so all you get is a link to the start of todays pictures. I don't like their making me go through Google+ & I know a lot of folks won't go there. Still looking for soimething better but not happy with other photo hosting sites either.

It must be me because every improvement pushed out is always worse for me and what I like to do.

I may have to set up my own server but the security if that is a worry for me.