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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
What if there were 35 people with sniper rifles and explosives trying to get in?

What if the guys had bullet-proof vests on, and then shot her after she shot them?
What if they had a pointed stick?

Look, man, as my previous participation in this thread will show I'm hardly a fan of the "shoot first, become an NRA spokesman later" approach some people here seem to advocate but on this one I gotta agree with Orwell - assuming the facts are as reported, she did this one by the book and was fully justified in defending herself with a gun.

And positing exaggerated hypotheticals doesn't change that.

Running away is always safer then staying and trying to fight an unknown number of assailants armed with who knows what. Can't believe you think otherwise. That's strange to me.
Running away is not always safer than staying in a sheltered place. Furthermore, without the benefit of hindsight it's not always clear which course is the better one. And when you'll be running with three kids, that makes it an even riskier venture. Can't believe you think otherwise.

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