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Originally Posted by muldoonthief View Post
Yes, cooking wine is something sold in supermarkets, which is far more expensive on a per volume basis than just buying a cheap bottle of wine. It's usually sold in smaller containers than wine (8 or 12 oz. vs 25 oz.), so the sticker price doesn't seem as bad however.

Note that in a lot of the USA, you can't buy wine in a supermarket, you have to make a special trip to a liquour store. So if you're just shopping for a recipe, it's a pain in the ass to make an extra stop just for wine, hence the creation of cooking wine.

Having said all that, I strongly doubt that Martha was actually using pre-salted cooking wine from a supermarket. She was probably using just wine, which is what every TV cook (and real cook) does.
IIRC cooking wine/sherry also isn't subject to alcohol taxes nor is it controlled by state/regional "liquor control" boards.

not that you should use it, it's still junk.