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I work as a consultant for a high-tech company, but they treat me as though I'm a regular employee. I've worked here for 4+ years, but 2.5 years ago, the company was bought by another company that has a CEO with questionable ethics.

One of the first people this CEO hired was a sales person from a competitor. While this sales person has brought in sales for the past 2 years, I noticed that on several jobs purchase orders (PO's) were placed without cost models or discussion of the manufacturing methods with the engineers. The due diligence wasn't done in advance of incoming PO's. This puts a tremendous strain on manufacturing & engineering, because we have to "figure out" how to make the parts (in a cost-effective manner as well).

As it turns out, this new salesperson has a spreadsheet from their former company with all past customers, what they purchased, and the sale price. This new sales person is "low balling" (asking for a lower-than-normal price) past customers in an effort to bring the business in-house. This salesperson looks like the "hero" for landing the sale, but when manufacturing can't deliver, the worker(s) are blamed.

In addition to this, the company board members were shown a chart by the new CEO listing all closed sales for this division. One of the orders shown was for a PO that HAD NOT closed. It affected our overall booked sales totals by over 10%. The CEO is purposely misleading the board into believing higher numbers were obtained than our actual sales level.

It's the lying & underhanded nature of this new company that I can't stand. I guess that's the way business is done nowadays . . . and I definitely do not want to be a part of their future.