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'Tis the season for messy work schedules because of the Holidays.

I work retail, and am confused by the travel plans of certain nearest and dearest, and so have not requested any specific days off for the next couple of weeks.

I have agreed to work Sunday, which will suck, because I'm due to play handbells in church.

But mostly I'm irked because my original work schedule for this week had me getting Saturday off. Awesome! A day to clean house and wrap presents!

Except that Boss switched my schedule without telling me. I found out because I was being nosy about other people's schedule. I haven't whined to Boss about this-- I think it was an oversight, caused by me leaving "early" the day of the schedule tweaks. ("early"-- when I was scheduled to leave, which was earlier than most people. It's cause I came in as scheduled, which meant early.)

So my house cleaning day turned into today-- got Bathroom entirely clean (although I'll have to touch up problem spots like the mirror the day guests arrive), and Bedroom mostly clean.

Presents aren't all wrapped-- I may use Tuesday for that (assuming that that stays one of my days off next week).