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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
Massive power outage has hit my workplace. Everything except email, phones, and tech support, is down and will continue to be down until at least Saturday. Merry Christmas to us!
If they could knock out tech support, too, people might be able get some real work done.

IT acted on my most recent ticket today, and installed the wrong version of the software. This was the 3rd time I tried to get the software reloaded. I'm pretty much giving up on the part of my job that needs the right version of the software.

Had another interaction with the people who cannot implement what I believe to be the most fundamental underlying system (the ones who are being given the new system to screw up):

I provide A and B, as required by the instructions. Five hours later, they (FUS) ask me for B, C, and D. I repeat B and ask for instructions for providing C and D. An hour later FUS tell me why they need C and D. I ask where the definitions and instructions for C and D are.


Another person on this little part of the project comes up with a couple of good guesses on what MIGHT be C and D, and I forward that along. Given that we have clearly documented that we do not know what C and D are, I expect FUS to accept the information and move forward.

My boss is getting really annoyed that I cc her on every. single. email I send and that I won't do ANYTHING without an email trail.

I just don't understand why no-one is doing anything - ANYTHING - about this morass of idiocy and incompetence.