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Originally Posted by Seanette View Post
Coworkers who latch on to me in the breakroom and yammer/rant at me nonstop about their woes until I flee to find some peace and quiet. How do I turn off that sign I'm apparently wearing that reads "I'm in the breakroom to be wailed at, not to grab a few minutes of relaxation"?
You think that's bad? I had a co-worker literally FOLLOW ME INTO THE BATHROOM as I was leaving work to tell me a long tale to get the answer to a question that could have waited until the next day because it was trivial.

At that point, I began practicing what I called "constructive rudeness". I told her I was on my way out and we'd talk tomorrow. After that, if she came to my cube to ask a question and started with a lot of unneeded background detail, I'd tell her I was busy and just ask the question without all the background. Once I answered the question, I'd turn around back to my monitor. I was never actually uncivil, mind you, but if I was busy I'd interrupt her immediately and say so instead of waiting for her to stop talking.

In your case, I'd cut the idiots off and say, "I'm taking a break right now. Talk to me when I get back to my desk in x minutes." And then (this is key) IGNORE them.