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ID This Comedian, Please

We've been watching Johnny Carson reruns. I think this one aired in the 1980s. There was a stand-up comedian pitching his routine on Carson one night, but they never said his name as best we recall. But, maybe someone knows this routine: In brief, the comedian was recounting his experience on a date at a French restaurant. He imitates the French waiter like the older Elvis with a curled lip, and he spoke a few words of French ending each line with an Elvis "momma". His routine goes into mocking the pronunciation of French words and its silent letters. Then, he wonders who dreampt of serving snails? He says, "It must have been a poor person receiving unexpected company, saying 'Wait a minute, and I'll dig something up!'"

This routine was just hysterical! Does anyone know who this stand-up comedian might have been?

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