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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
The Tea Party was mostly about culture, ethnicity, and race. It was clear enough then, but this should make it extra-extra clear. They (meaning tea-party Republicans in office) are fine with spending, just not by Democrats, and especially not by black Democrats with foreign-sounding names.
Yeah, the Tea Party pretended to be about fiscal responsibility when that message lined up with their broader social and cultural parochialism, but they were never serious about it. They were, for the most part, all about identity politics.

What's more interesting to me in the current political environment is the almost complete abdication of policy priorities by the one group of Republicans who really did, for a while at least, seem to actually believe their own rhetoric about budget deficits and fiscal responsibility: the Freedom Caucus.

If there was one faction within the Republican Party that I thought might actually have the courage of its economic conservatism, this was it. While I disagreed with many of the Freedom Caucus's arguments, they always struck me as folks who might actually be willing to stand up for their principles, even within their own party, and especially against someone like Trump. And yet, with the exception of Justin Amash, who's ditched the GOP altogether, the Freedom Caucus members have shown themselves just as cynical as every other Republican in their power grubbing, and just as willing to throw out of their previous criticisms of Trump, in order to ride the Orange Bandwagon.