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Just to gore the other oxe, I did a quick Google search, and found that there are nearly 100 self identified progressives in Congress, so one might ask, why haven't they pushed through a full progressive agenda? I mean, if you are asking where is the Tea Party wrt deficit spending (i.e., why haven't they used their massive power of 48 members to shift Congress and stop the deficit spending), I'd be asking why Progressives haven't done more for their own agenda.

Of course, the answer is really the same, which is American politics don't really work like that. You can't just do what you want, even within your own party. You have to ally and horse trade with other people who want or demand different things, and you have to compromise.

I do find it very interesting that, now that the shoe is on the other foot and Republicans are more in charge that deficit spending is not a big deal anymore. It's very hypocritical, and definitely demonstrates what the OP is wanting to, which is that deficits really weren't that important to was just something they used against the other party when they were doing it. And, I'm sure, folks in this thread won't care much about them either when the Dems are back on top and doing more deficits, as many of the Dem hopefuls seem to be raring to go wrt more spending. More spending seems to be the only thing both parties can agree on, even if they can't agree on what we should be spending more on...

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!

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