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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
Huh? mhendo’s cite, which you thanked him for, says the Pentagon requested $750 billion: “Trump seeks $750 billion.”

You can’t say DoD requested $733 billion when you literally just read that they did not. (Mind you, $733 billion is still too much, to say nothing of $738 billion, but that’s the nature of compromise.)
Like I said in my post, it depends how you define "Trump's Pentagon."

As my story notes, the military leaders in the Pentagon were all set at $733 billion, but Mulvaney (presumably after some DoD types got in his ear) convinced Trump that it should be $750 billion.

But your last parenthetical sentence is the more important one, and it's why I accused DinoR of pointless nitpicking. The most important thing, in the context of this discussion, is that Dems seem basically just as willing as the GOP to hand the military pretty much all the money it wants, and to continue increasing military appropriations at a time when those appropriations should be reduced.

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