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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
I'm not sure it's necessarily that Republicans like big spending or that the debt isn't a big deal to them, as it is that it's utterly drowned out by other noise these days. Politics over the past few years (and not just the Trump years) has turned into a shrill screaming match with a hundred different opinions screeched at max volume. With the border wall, kids in cages, trade war with China, identity politics, Russia, Mueller, impeachment, AOC, etc., the issue of debt and the deficit has simply faded to background noise.
This makes no sense at all.

If the debt and deficit aren't really the big issues that people are focusing on, and if people care much more about all of the other things you've listed, then surely it should be pretty easy to pass a budget that reduces the deficit. If everyone is paying attention to the other stuff, and you hold both houses of Congress as well as the Presidency, and if you've run on a campaign of reducing the deficit and the debt, why not just pass a responsible budget? If the issue is "not a big deal" and is "utterly drowned out by other noise," as you suggest, then there will no political downside to cutting the deficit, right?