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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
Are you making a board game or something?

Realistically if I grant that the incumbent government successfully and peacefully reorganizes itself into an autocracy, retaining the majority of military/police/civilian support, it is not at all given that all of the dissenters coalesce into a resistance movement or even that a significant resistance movement appears at all.

What we are hoping for is that the leadership purge results in a largely intact network of exiles (ETA: and an incompetent remainder government which quickly loses its public support). But don't you think the new autocracy will make it a priority to disrupt revolutionary communications? I need to know how much the rank and file of the autocratic government will push down on privacy.

There's also the question of how the revolution will succeed. Are we looking to win by actually defeating the government in military terms? Impossible without significant foreign intervention. There might be a pathway if our goal is to turn the tide of public opinion, but that only works so long as public opinion remains accessible - is the government changing censorship laws as we know them now? Otherwise you're looking at a righteous guerrilla movement and possibly an assassination attempt.

Terrorism, as well.

For as much as people blame the Middle East and Islam for terrorism, it was the Christians in Ireland who developed most of the techniques and continued to make a living after the Irish Republic broke off by traveling to the Middle East to act as teachers and consultants.

Note the part where they won against the English.

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