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Originally Posted by GQELITE33 View Post
Doesn't it make you feel good to hop in a hot shower, have a nice shave, put on some deodorant and maybe a little mens fragrance like Clubman, and then throw on a nice outfit ? I mean who in their right mind wouldn't like that? Get out of bed and throw on sweats and gym shoes and a t-shirt when you are going out for dinner? You don't have to wear a suit, but atleast groom yourself well and wear a pair of slacks and a polo. When people dress like they just got out of bed, that tells me "I don't really have that much confidence in myself to pull off a suit or a really nice outfit."
My wife would leave me if I put on a "little mens fragrance." Ugh. I think the pushback you're hearing is that for many of us, dressing up seems to be unnecessary if we're confident already. Maybe even a bit pretentious. Certainly not worth the effort.

I was at a fancy restaurant two nights ago. Dinner and wine for four of us exceeded $600. The three men at the table were all wearing jeans. ( I was also wearing tennis shoes, very comfortable) We had a very nice dinner.