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Actually, I'm of the opposite assertion. Both pets and people should live as long as possible, because you should never give up hope.

Well, sure, it's more "convenient" and less "heart-breaking", but once they die, that's it. (Well, barring Heaven or the Resurrection, but this isn't a post to discuss that.)

I love my grandmother, even if she's heavy as anything, wakes up at odd hours wanting to go to the bathroom only to come up empty, falls out of her wheelchair even after we explicitely tell her not to move it with her feet, dammitt, talks in this pathetically annoying whiny voice because she has no strength, and is a persistant drain on my parent's finances. Her value isn't in her ability to do anything other than live. And who says her life has no meaning even if she's bound to a wheelchair having us wait on her hand and foot?

And no, I haven't personally experienced prolonged suffering. Maybe my stance will change when it happens. I hope it doesn't.