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Originally Posted by dotchan
If we don't speak up for the weak and helpless, who will speak up when we become the weak and helpless?
Sometimes the choice for suicide or euthanasia is made by someone who is not weak or helpless. Suicide/ethanasia are taboo and that's a difficult threshhold for some people to cross, I understand. However, as a mentally ill person who reserves the right to end my suffering at any time as long I do so in as responsible a manner as I can, I must say, I'll do what I can to break this taboo. Along with that, I'm working to change the response to expressed suicidal tendnacies. That people are locked up when they want to discuss their inclination to suicide is not always the best response, yet it is the universal response. I personally think that fact is responsible for a number of suicidal or mentally ill persons to refrain from getting help. I know I will never, ever tell another health care professional that I've had or am having suicidal thoughts (which I am not currently, in case anyone is worried). And I will never seek help in a hospital again, because my freedom was taken away from me when all I wanted to do was talk to someone in order to break the isolation I felt. Hospitalization made my case worse, though I understand it helps some, and more power to them. Just my two cents, USD.
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