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filmore, that's a lovely thought, but $100,000 is what, 2 days in ICU? Ten days in the general patient population? People in the sort of shape that $100,000 will save them aren't the ones most of us think of when we're talking human euthanasia. We're not talking about people who are just sick, but people who are terminally ill. We're talking people like my uncle, who's got lung cancer that's spread to his brain. He's dying a slow, painful death, and there's not enough money or technology in the world to give him back a productive life. There's nothing we can offer him but more and more pain meds, and a lot of times those aren't enough to control the pain at the end.

If money and medical technology could fix him, could give him back a productive life, my family would pay any price and take him anywhere. But it won't. He's going to die, and he's going to die soon. And in the meantime, he's suffering in a way that it would be cruel to let my dog suffer. You can't tell me that's right, or good.