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Originally Posted by Chefguy
Her husband couldn't cope with a houseful of children without a mother, so he farmed them all out to relatives and friends and decamped for northern Ohio.
That's interesting - the guy up there in my photo, his wife died shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter (my grandma's sister). So he packed them all off to an orphanage.

Later when grandma was about 12 or 13 he remarried and got them back from the orphanage. Grandma was pissed off at him, and stayed that way. She went on 3 dates with my Grandpa; decided he was The One; ran off and got married when she was 18. Didn't even bother to tell her Dad.

ETA: Speaking of geneaolgy dead ends - my daughter has one relative who was a Choctaw Indian. He was 'found in the bushes' and raised by a white family. He never told anyone his Indian name. If he had, we could have looked him up in the Tribal Records.

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