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Originally Posted by senoy View Post
Conjectured, not probable. Certainly people said things, but that was common at the time. If you went by rumors and historical conjecture, pretty much every king or queen was homosexual. I think all of the queens had lesbian rumors. Charles I and II both jad rumors. And of course James. Were they true or just jealousy over not being the king or queens favorite? Moderns tend to have serious hangups about sex. We have a tendency to sexualize everything. Was James I very close with various men? No doubt. He was not a manly man either. Was he boning men? Who knows? He certainly had sex with women and had mistresses so it wasn't just out of obligation. Was Buckingham a lover or just a close friend? I don't think there's a satisfactory answer.
I sure wouldn't bet the farm on it that he was straight. Seems more than just guesswork, and highly probable that he was gay. Researchers have an unusually large amount of letters from the British Library and the National Library of Scotland to cull over with his correspondence with three males in particular that were his favorites, but there were others. Although I'm not familiar with all of the expressions of the day, what little I've seen of his letters, straight men just don't go around talking like that to other males.