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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
You're not at different stages in your life; you're both in your 20s. Different stages in life would be someone who is 29 dating someone who is 48, or someone who is 40 dating someone who is 24, both of which I did. 22 and 29? Puh-leeze.
I disagree. A lot of us make pretty significant transitions in our early twenties, what Erikson called a psychosocial moratorium. Even as late as 22, many people are still trying different senses of identity. At 29, most people have that figured out. It's a very significant difference in stage of life.

But I'll admit that it barely qualifies her as a cougar; she's a bit young for that, unless he were still a teenager. And in just a few years, the age difference would hardly be noticeable.