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I've always been a Marvel person and never really liked any of the DC heroes (aside from Batman). Lots of reasons - bland personalities (Superman is perfect, Wonder Woman is uh... a woman, Green Lantern is uh...heroic); lack of good villains; and too powerful/too many powers. As noted, Batman is still very likeable because he doesn't have any of these problems.

The Marvel characters seem more interesting from the get-go because they usually have a limited power set and a built-in personality flaw/character dilemma. Hulk is just super-strong and super-tough, he doesn't get eye lasers or flight or a magic whip, and he's got the whole "lose control and turn into a berserker" problem, which is more personality than I can say Superman or Wonder Woman has.

Obviously, it always boils down to the skill of the writer, and good writers can make even bland superheroes interesting (Superman, for example, may be "perfect" but works great as a foil to an imperfect world, see stories like Kingdom Come.)