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Originally Posted by drastic_quench View Post
I learned to follow writers - not characters. It was usually mediocre writer that put me off rather than something about the character. Then again, DC's B and C listers like Martian Manhunter, Booster Gold, et al. always seemed a lot more boring than their 2nd tier Marvel counterparts.
This is pretty much me. A good writer can make a character worth reading, a mediocre writer can ruin one. Wonder Woman was one of my favorite comics because I began reading it at the Perez relaunch in the 1980s, but man, she had a lot of crappy comics before (and after) that makes me understand why she's getting so little love in this thread. The Hulk as written by Peter David, the Simonson Thor, etc., were all worth reading even if I tended to not like the characters otherwise. And ditto on the DC b-list. I think it's cool that they "rescued" a lot of characters from Charlton and so on, but they've never fit in very well. Marvel seemed to be interested in telling interesting stories using lower-end characters, but DC usually seemed content to just let them languish.

That said, characters/teams that I tend to find uninteresting:
Dr. Strange. Never have gotten into him; I hated it when he had to share Strange Tales with Cloak and Dagger (two of my favorite B-level Marvel characters).
Wolverine. Over used, overdone.
Storm. She was always written a little too "perfect" for my tastes.
Lobo. I wanted to like Lobo, as he seemed to take the piss out of hypermasculine 90s comics... but meh.
Ghost Rider. Boring.
Teen Titans. I like some of the individual Teen Titans characters, but it never seemed to gel like LoSH or X-Men.
Batman. Always reminded me of Dick Tracy -- interesting only for his rogues gallery. There are some good stories with Batman, though. I love his cameo in the Black Orchid mini, the Killing Joke is great... never got into the Byrne takes on him (OTOH, Byrne's takes on Daredevil were great).