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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
We were playing 4th suit forcing, so a bit of 3C over 2S would have been asking for a club stop, not showing clubs myself.
Yes, that is why I said "planning". Over a 2H or 2NT rebid from opener, I would bid 3C. If opener rebid 2S, which is what would happen on the actual hand, that is game forcing and I would probably bid 2NT to show that I have a club stop, as there is now minimal possibility that we have a club fit (partner could be 4504, but unlikely).

A hand from today's A/X pairs in the Atlanta Regional: void, K76432, AJT74, K7. You open 1H, LHO bids 1S, partner bids 4D, showing 4+ hearts, singelton or void diamond, and game going values.

Your bid?