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Originally Posted by BigAppleBucky View Post
If one is to include donations from the candidates themselves to their campaigns, Styer laps your field and Bloomberg laps your field plus Styer. Money really matters.

I think you're probably right about Sanders, but Mayor Pete has some big money donors.
I agree that the personal donations from a candidate’s own money towards their own campaigns don’t count.

That’s different than the money that Warren and Sanders transferred from their Senate campaigns which is reported. For example, Warren transferred ten million dollars in leftover Senate campaign funds to her presidential campaign in Q3.

‘Big money donors’ are irrelevant. For the primary, the maximum anyone can give is $2800. Sanders can get someone to donate $28 100 times or send $2800 in one fell swoop. That’s the maximum. So-called big donors to Sanders can always donate to Our Revolution PAC if they exceed that.

I do think a candidate like Pete has a lot of people that donate more but less often. That’s a good strategy to help (very slightly) reduce the endless bombardment of fundraising emails.
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