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Wesley's got a point, which I made in another thread: nobody's going to give a good goddamn about January fundraising numbers.

Feb. 3: Iowa caucuses
Feb. 7: Pre-NH debate
Feb. 11: NH primary
Feb. 19: Pre-NV debate
Feb. 22: NV caucuses
Feb. 25: Pre-SC debate
Feb. 29: SC primary
Mar. 3: Super Tuesday primaries

That's the calendar that will drive the news, and the results of those primaries and caucuses are what will drive fundraising from then on.

The point of January fundraising was to have money to contest Iowa and NH. By the time candidates have to release their January fundraising numbers, the Iowa results will be driving the news and subsequent fundraising, and the effects of January fundraising will be baked into that. They won't matter as a separate thing of their own anymore.

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