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Originally Posted by dalej42 View Post
The main question Iím looking at is will Yang continue to keep the money flowing in, especially after missing the debate. He surprised everyone in Q4 2019, but I think he fades in January fundraising.
According to Eric Ming, Yang's fundraising for January 2020 was $6.7+M, raising $1.2M on the last day of January 2020.

Originally Posted by Eric Ming
Some news: Yesterday we raised over 1.2 million ó 6.7m+ in January 2020 alone.
If the run rate continues, it would be $20.1M for the quarter which would be higher than the $16.5M from last quarter. On the last day of the month, Ming put up a map showing that the donations came from pretty much every state in the country.

The night of the January debate that he missed brought more media attention and more verified twitter accounts that were mentioning Yang than I've seen with any debate in the past. That night, the Dave Chappelle endorsement was formally announced, as well as some activities from the campaign.

IIRC, he had the 2nd most twitter followers and the 4th most mentions on twitter, as well as a leading international hashtag that night.

That was the night the momentum took off for the campaign, particularly in regards to traditional media.