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Originally Posted by DinoR View Post
Any campaign that thinks it has a chance better have been doing MUCH more than simply contesting IA and NH during Jan.
Well yeah, but the point is that almost nobody outside the campaigns themselves will have an interest in the January fundraising numbers, the point being that money is there to produce caucus and primary results, and two nights from now, results are what we'll have. And after that, the calendar will have wave after wave of debates, primaries, debates, caucuses, etc.

The reason candidates' Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 fundraising from 2019 was newsworthy at the time was that we didn't have any primary or caucus results yet, and so the polls and the money represented the potential to achieve those results. They were all we had at the time. That won't be the case 60 hours from now.

You may be right about all that stuff you said, but it's completely sideways to my point.