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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
How can people compare Sanders to Trump?

Sanders agenda is pretty mainstream according to public polling, and he is in line with older school democrats like FDR.

Trump is a neofascist white nationalist.

I have no idea how anyone could compare them with a straight face.
Right -- but the real difference is that Trump is acting purely out of self-interest: self-aggrandizement, monetary self-interest, ego. His "disruptions" are mostly just distractions because he becomes an attention whore throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. These disruptions are mostly superficial.

Otherwise, he's not really disrupting the system that much--he's just exploiting its worse qualities to enrich his sycophants. The most disruptive thing he's really doing is putting unqualified, partisan cronies into judge positions.

His neglect of basic government operations is temporarily disruptive, but most of the damage can probably be reversed when a responsible president gets into office. The longer it continues, though, the more likely more permanent damage can occur.