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Originally Posted by guizot View Post
Right -- but the real difference is that Trump is acting purely out of self-interest: self-aggrandizement, monetary self-interest, ego. His "disruptions" are mostly just distractions because he becomes an attention whore throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. These disruptions are mostly superficial.

Otherwise, he's not really disrupting the system that much--he's just exploiting its worse qualities to enrich his sycophants. The most disruptive thing he's really doing is putting unqualified, partisan cronies into judge positions.

His neglect of basic government operations is temporarily disruptive, but most of the damage can probably be reversed when a responsible president gets into office. The longer it continues, though, the more likely more permanent damage can occur.
I think Trump is motivated solely by self interest. His interest in dictatorship isn't philosophical, it is to protect his fragile ego from criticism.

However he does represent the true base of the GOP, who are white nationalists who view democracy as something that gets in the way of creating an oligarchical ethnostate. He is paving a way to create the kind of world they want to live in. THe fact that he is doing it for self interest doesn't change what impact he is having.

Sanders more wants to expand the social welfare state, create more progressive taxes and build a grassroots movement. In a way that is disruptive to the current system, but not in a bad way.

I also disagree about it being temporary disruption. Trump probably paved the way for China to become the next superpower, and it'll be a generation before our allies trust us again.
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