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Originally Posted by Ryan_Liam View Post
Sanders = Positive disruption

Trump = Negative disruption
Sanders disruption would be quicker. One big reason: The Supreme Court would allow lower court bypassing to slapping down executive orders.

I can see some disruption if Sanders grants clemency to a large number of federal prisoners without going through the Justice Department Pardon Office, as he essentially has said he will. But beyond that, the courts and the Senate will block all his domestic moves.

What about foreign policy disruption? Despite radically different rhetoric, Trump and Sanders both want to bring U.S. troops home, and both do or will find themselves surrounded by people telling them no.

One big factor: Sanders would start his first term almost nine years older than Trump started his first term. Overthrowing the old regime is more of a job for middle-age.

There may be vehicular traffic disruption when his supporters protest because Bernie can't do much.

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