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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
If this run was really about brand-building, this is the perfect time to drop out - he's kept a solid level of support and funding throughout, he's got a couple of "wins" under his belt but also enough of an excuse to drop out before Super Tuesday so he's not tainted by material losses, everybody knows (and mostly can pronounce) his name, he's given the Overton window on the whole "gay president" thing a shove in the right direction, he's identified his weak areas with the public (mostly around experience and the need to gain the confidence of black voters), and he's positioned to become somewhat of a power player in the party.

I'm guessing his next step is a House run in 2022; going for the Indiana governorship would probably put him in better stead for the next run but the timing is off and it'd be a harder lift for him anyway. Maybe a House run and then the governorship? And a keynote speech at the DNC either this year or in 2022.
Also he looks like a party team player, to drop out and allow 'anybody but Sanders' support to coalesce around somebody else. Party 'establishment' types will be grateful to him for doing that, or at least would have tended to get pissed off at him for remaining in the race when he has no real chance of winning. Which Warren and Klobuchar both risk doing I think. Although that probably matters less to Warren, who'd be viewed as too old to try again in 2024 or 2028 by conventional standards.