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Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan

Repeat it like a mantra, they are the only states that matter. The only possible states that Trump can flip are Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico. And I am not at all worried about Virginia, they voted for Obama twice and Hillary once, and in the mid-terms took all three houses. And if Virginia doesn't flip, neither will CO and NM. I can't imagine a scenario where Virginians repudiate Trump but CO and NM don't. Just like I can't imagine a scenario where Trump wins Virginia and loses CO and NM

Last week a saw a projected electoral map, with Bernie as the nominee. In the northeast, there was only one state called as a toss-up, can't remember if it was MI or WI, but they had Bernie +2 against Trump in PA. 8-10 in the other states

There were 75,00 or so votes in the northeast that decided the last election. I think there are many more who regret voting for Trump, and many more who didn't bother to vote because they didn't like Hillary.

I would prefer Bernie to Biden, but I think either one wins.

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